Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Animal Haven Directors -> NY Times Dog Expert Bloggers

We're happy to report that two of our friends/clients have been named NY Times Bloggers... Marcello Forte and Jenn Bristol from Animal Haven will be contributing bloggers on the NY Times site for all things dog related. Needless to say, we're incredibly impressed. What we don't understand is what took the NY Times so long. Dogs are such an integral part of life in New York City.

From an SEO perspective, it's hard to beat links from - and chances are there will be consistent links in the future... Given that Jenn is also President of the Ft. Tryon Dog Run there's a link to that as well... [Incidentally, the Ft. Tryon Dog Run is our neighborhood dog run where Dan and I spend a fair amount of time with our two dogs.]

So far, Slicksurface has taken over hosting of, set up analytics, and removed the spammy discussion board from their site. We were asked to redesign the site, but have been waiting for content. Hopefully that will happen soon.

For Animal Haven we've helped them set up analytics, and gave them a proposal which they submitted with a grant request for completely revamping their site so it will have a new look and feel, be far more automated, and far better optimized for traffic from search engines (including celebrity link bait!). We'll know in November whether they got the grant - we're keeping our fingers crossed...

A few months ago when I told Marcello that they needed quality links from authority sites with high page rank, I never thought they'd land consistent links from the NY Times. It's just great to see a client doing things that can really make a difference to their sites.

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