Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Feedburner's Actions Now Make Sense...

Well, actually, they may more sense now - it's not like they didn't make sense before...

When I went to SES NY a couple of months ago I came away thinking that Google and Feedburner seemed to have their act together more than everyone else... Then Google announced they were buying Feedburner, and things started making a little more sense...

For one, I had noticed Feedburner had people out there monitoring everything anyone said about them. Within a day Rick Klau had posted a comment on one of our blog posts, and they did the same when the post was picked up by a spammer. This had to be a massive undertaking... But if they were negotiating the highest possible sale price at the time, it makes complete sense... It's not a time when you want anything to surprise you.

Another thing I had noticed was that Rick Klau recommended in his talk at SES that Feedburner users do a particular trick to keep control of their feed subscriptions in case they ever wanted to move away from Feedburner. At the time it seemed like charitable advice, but after reading a post by 'Shoe Money' that Feedburner users have until June 15th to opt out of their data being taken over by Google, it now makes sense why people would want to move away... Some corporations (including one of our major clients) won't have anything to do with Google. Feedburner knew it was in the works and was trying to warn people (very subtly).

All of this just confirms that Feedburner is on top of their game. And the subtle warning about keeping control of your feed subscriptions shows they are concerned about their customers. To me the marriage of Google and Feedburner is a great match - they're both intelligent, well-run businesses.

Now if they can just get the feed usage stats integrated into Google Analytics quickly, I'll be very happy...

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