Thursday, July 26, 2007

166,000 Page Test - 3 month follow up

About three months ago I added the MeSH thesaurus to It was a bit of a gutsy move since it amounted to adding over 160,000 pages to a domain that had never had even 200 (crawlable) pages in its entire history. After all, Matt Cutts said specifically not to add so many pages to a site all at once (but what does he know? LOL). If had been a young domain that would have probably killed the whole domain since it would have seemed like I was spamming the search engines. Luckily, is a well-trusted domain with a long track record.

Despite a few hiccups in getting everything set up, things went well and Google ingested the pages and started sending traffic our way (see updates at 2 1/2 weeks, 3 weeks, and one month for more detail).

As things stand Google has fully indexed the pages (though many of them went supplemental - which is to be expected given the obscurity of many of the topics). However Yahoo! has been much slower to pick up the pages and has only indexed 1,938 of them. MSN/Live has been even slower and has only picked up 164 of the pages.

But of course the objective is not to just get indexed but get traffic - and that's been doing quite well as you can see below... traffic over the past 4 months

The graph is for the past 4 months, so you can see what our baseline was (the uptick in early April was when we started the blog), then it took a while to get going, but now it's pretty much stable. The traffic is clearly week day only (not much on the weekends), but we'll take what we can get.

Now the goal will be to ad AdSense and make a little money off it, as well as put calls to action to see if we can get some consulting business out of it... And of course 166,000 isn't enough... We'll add even more pages when we get a chance.

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