Thursday, July 26, 2007

Duplicate Content Test - 3+ month update

OK, I'm having less and less faith in what the Googlers say...

We added 166,000+ pages to and everything went fine despite the fact that Matt Cutts said adding that many pages would be a problem.

And our attempt to establish has failed miserably (at least on Google) despite the fact that the Google Webmaster team said that Google treats the same content on different country TLDs as content that's directed at a country in question (in this case Canada).

Wrong... Only a few pages have been picked up and they're mostly Flash movies (go figure). True, we didn't do any link building on the domain, and I'm pretty sure the results would have been different if we had. But just putting another domain out there with a different country TLD does nothing...

Bottom line... Don't believe everything you hear - even if someone from Google is your source. Do your own research and figure out what works for you.

Curiously though, the "lesser" search engines like a lot more than Google... Yahoo! is usually slower to pick up new content, but it has 30 pages indexed, and MSN/Live has indexed nearly 100 pages, though some of those are Flash movies and don't really count.

So that's good news about Live, and Yahoo! looks like it might come around... Maybe this is just a case of the infamous Google sandbox and I need to give it a bit more time...

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