Saturday, July 28, 2007

Why wouldn't a company like Canon be nicer to their customers?

I don't have much of a problem with opt-out techniques on registration forms. After all, if the person's interested in what you have to offer, they may want to get an occasional e-mail from you. Mind you, I respect companies that do opt-in and you have to explicitly ask for the e-mail, but it doesn't really bother me when they do opt-out and you have to explicitly say you don't want the e-mail.

But what's bugging me today is how Canon handled things when I clicked on an unsubscribe link in one of their e-mails. This is what I got when I clicked on "unsubscribe"...

Cannon's unsubscribe form

Now tell me, why does the form act as if I want to subscribe to more e-mails when I just clicked on an unsubscribe link? To me, Cannon's form is a bit rude - they make the process take 10 keystrokes instead of two (unsubscribe, submit).

You'd think they'd want to be nicer to their customers. After all, they're hardly a monopoly - there's also Nikon who sells pretty much the same product as Canon. Then again, Nikon has their problems too - like how they released a proprietary raw file format that couldn't be read fully by Photoshop which made the lives of their customers unnecessarily complicated...

Canon, Nikon... Every business is a service business... The more your customers like you, the more product you'll sell...

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