Saturday, October 20, 2007

Using 4D v11 SQL List Boxes

Wayne Stewart gives talk on 4D v11 SQL list boxes at 4D SummitThese are notes for the "Using list boxes as a replacement for output forms in 4D v11 SQL" session presented by Wayne Stewart of Mac to Basics P/L at 4D Summit 2007.

The problem with list boxes in v2004 was that it would choke on large selections. But at the same time it has a lot more functionality, looks better etc. 4D v11 list boxes solve a lot of those problems and adds new features.

AreaList Pro 4D View and 4D Column are options as well - each has their pluses and minuses.

List boxes only take a few seconds to set up, they're powerful and give a lot of options. v11 lets you use expressions as the data source for a column. However, you can't sort on calculated columns. The On Header Click doesn't register in calculated columns.

List boxes can be programmatically set up and controlled. This is their real power.

He demoed a number of really excellent interfaces that were possible using list boxes, but not output forms - list boxes are just a lot more flexible than output forms.

Do be aware that if you double click on a record in a listbox it will lock the record. If you're opening the input form in a separate process that's a problem and you'll need to unload the record first.

You can't mix fields and arrays in the same list box.

You still can't put calculated values in the footer of a list box.

If you bind columns to fields 4D will do paging and only pull the records it needs. As a result there's no limitation to how many records are in your selection.

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Wayne Stewart said...


Wayne Stewart here, you can download the example database (and components from:

The documentation is not complete but you should be able to figure it out.

If you have any problems, just ask!

Wayne Stewart

Sunday, October 21, 2007 7:49:00 PM EDT  

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