Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Kate Walsh and Animal Haven Open the Pedigree Dog Store in Times Square

The star of "Private Practice", Kate Walsh, opened the Pedigree® Dog Store in Times Square which featured shelter dogs from Animal Haven, a no-kill animal adoption center in New York City. Kate, a champion of adopting dogs from animal shelters, owns Lucy, a dog she adopted 9 years ago in LA.

Slicksurface has recently started working with Animal Haven and was on hand to photograph and produce a video of the event for their web site which we will be redesigning over the next few months.

Kate Walsh with Animal Haven Shelter Dog

Kate, a true dog lover, could not keep from falling in love with the Animal Haven pups, and revealed on David Letterman, a few days later, that she was adopting one of the Animal Haven dogs she worked with during the Pedigree event. The dog, Flower (picture below), is a 10 week old lab/shephard mix found abandoned with other litter mates in New York City.

Kate Walsh and her new dog 'Flower' with Marcello Forte of Animal Haven

After spending the morning taping Martha Stewart, and the afternoon opening the Dog Store, Kate took time to meet with some of her fans, signed autographs, and took pictures in her dressing room afterwards.

Kate Walsh Introduces Shelter Dogs from Animal Haven

From the moment she arrived in the store, it was clear that dogs are a true love of hers, as she describes her dog, Lucy as her best friend (second only to her husband.)

Kate Walsh Shows Off Dogs Rule T-shirt

Slicksurface is excited to be working with Animal Haven on projects like these. Over the coming months we will be redesigning their site - building out their site with content that will promote visitors to get involved with their organization - either adopting animals, volunteering or giving money.

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